Yammer & Drop Box Integration

I meant to post something about this a few days ago but have only just gotten to it but an interesting and not entirely useful feature was added to Yammer recently.

Dropbox Integration.

If you click on the upload paper clip, you may have seen something like the above. A colleague of mine noticed this on our corporate instance so we asked our Customer Success Manager about it.

It seems that this is a test facility that’s only open to a few clients for an undetermined amount of time. I can no longer see this option as a Yammer Verified Admin but this doesn’t mean that others won’t see it on their own networks.

We didn’t see this as entirely useful due to the fact we want to push other collaboration tools within the company. It also seems odd that this was added before OneDrive Integration.


Yammer Chat Emoticons

Like many in SharePoint land, I’m in the midst of getting to grips with Yammer and the various challenges in getting it rolled out to the business. A colleague of mine at Live Nation was having a poke around and came up with these. I don’t recall seeing these anywhere in the Yammer documentation I’ve come across thus far, so I thought I’d put these out there for general consideration







sealed lips

😐 😐

straight face / indecision


cheeky / playful








surprise / shock







very happy











Credit for documenting these goes to Phil Quinn