SharePoint 2007: Title, Description & Properties page inaccessible even with full permissions

A recent job change has taken me back to playing with SharePoint 2007. Whilst it took some getting used too, I’ve quickly gotten back into the swing of things. Until something peculiar happened.

Even with full permissions I wasn’t able to access the Title, Description, and Properties page. I had full site collection rights and everything looked like it was in place. I was stumped.

I tried direct linking it via its layouts page (_layouts/prjsetng.aspx) and it worked. The page let me straight in.

After a little poking about, it seems that a previous SharePoint CU applied to the farm had the side effect of disabling access to this page via the Admin GUI in Site Settings. I’ve yet to ascertain which one it was but I’ll be sure to post an update if I find out which one it was.

So, lesson for today. Even if SharePoint says NO, try direct linking via the _layouts page if you think you should have access to something. It may just work.