My thoughts on taking part in ForumJam

This year was the first year that I’ve taken part in Chris Given‘s ForumJam. I’d not heard of it before and only came across it via my (criminally underused) Twitter feed. Looking at some of the names that were going to enter it, I didn’t think I was in with a chance of getting in the upper ranks

But throwing caution to the wind I decided to enter, I thought it might be fun.

At the end of the two month period of the ForumJam I found myself in third place behind Trevor Seward (@NaupliusTrevor) and Amit Vasu (@AmitVasu) in the standings. I was lucky to claim the position I did in the end as Dimitri Ayrapetov(@dayrapetov) pushed me all the way. Despite being a member of the community for a fair while, this was pretty much the biggest event that I’d entered.

Chris has already outlined some of the advantages from an organiser’s perspective and some of these ring true from a participant’s perspective too. Namely: –

  • Networking & Education: I have my areas of familiarity and experience with the product, as does everyone else. Watching the others at the top of the leader board tackle and answer questions that I was quite honestly clueless on is quite rewarding. I’ve got some new blogs. Feeds and fellow professionals to follow and discuss things with.
  • Sets a new benchmark for personal performance: Hitting up on Chris’ theme of inspiring people to get involved, my time participating set some all high benchmarks for my own performance. When I joined the forums and started collaborating and offering help, the points system hadn’t even been implemented! Looking at my current trajectory, I’ve set my two best months ever (in terms of answers and accumulated points).

I’m rather pleased with my performance in my first ever FoumJam and more so for the people I’ve met. As for the eventual prize, I’m hoping I can blow it on Infamous Second Son

Here’s to the next ForumJam!


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